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Why We Give


We believe that everything we have comes from the Lord and we should give back to His work because of this. While we conduct a time of offering during every service, we do not require or expect our guests to contribute to this offering. As our guest, we want you to feel welcome and loved, so please understand that you are in no way obligated to participate in our offering time.

How To Give


There are 3 ways you can give to Cornerstone Baptist Church.


1. Give during the church service

2. Give online using the "Give+Online" option below.

3. Give using the Vanco Give Plus mobile app. Just click on the appropriate app store link below.

If you use the "Give+Online" option, you will be redirected to a secure web page to give. You will have the option to select from the different ministries that our church offers and give to them as the Lord leads you. If you want to give to a ministry or project that is not listed, just use the "Special" option and tell us where you would like the offering to go.

If you use the Vanco Mobile app, you will need to create an account. We do not maintain these accounts, so should you run into any issues, please visit Vanco's website for assistance ( Please note that donations given through the mobile app could take several days to appear in your giving history on the app. Also, if you want to give to a "Special" ministry or project that is not listed, you will have to use the "Give+Online" option below.

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