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Cornerstone Baptist Church offers many various ministries to best serve our church family and the families in our community. Look through the information below and see what our church family has to offer your family.

180 Teen Group

The teen ministry serves all teens in our community. They meet every Sunday morning at 10 am and every Wednesday night a 7:00 pm. They have regular activity and fellowship times. 

Music Ministry

Our music ministry team provides a Christ-centered, uplifting atmosphere of worship. We have an adult choir, orchestra, ensembles, brass ensemble, children's choirs, instrumentalists, and more.

Media Ministry

Our media ministry consists of operating sound boards, video, streaming, lighting and more. Our services are streamed through Facebook, YouTube and are posted directly to our website as well. 

Nursery Ministry

Our nursery serves the infants and babies that come with their parents to church. We have a clean, safe and well staffed nursery provided for all the services. All babies from infancy to 3 years old are welcome in the nursery.

Sunday Morning Bus Ministry

The bus ministry serves all children, individuals and families in our community. We want everyone at church and we are willing to pick them up for free. 

Spanish Ministry 

Our Spanish ministry serves all of the Spanish speaking people in our community. All of our services are provided in Spanish. 

Children's Ministry

The children's Ministries of our church serves all the children in our community. Children 3-12 years old will enjoy Sunday School classes on Sunday morning at 10 am, Wednesday night Kids 4 Christ program at 7 pm, VBS, Summer Kids Club, and more!

Christian School Ministry

Our school serves all the children and families in our community, by providing a distinctly Christian education experience. We are a fully accredited, Pre-k through 12th grade school. We accept choice vouchers, which pays for the tuition for the students. 

Deaf Ministry

Our deaf ministry services the needs of the deaf in our community. All of our services offer sign language. 

Sunday School Ministry 

Every Sunday morning our church offers a program specifically geared for children. Sunday morning at 10 am they have Sunday School. There are classes based upon the grade of the child, that is designed to teach them about the Bible on a level they can understand. Sunday morning at 11 am the children have Junior Church. It is a church service for children. 

Outreach Ministry

Our church has a heart for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in our community. We place an emphasis on the gospel in every ministry we have. We have organized church soul-winning and visitation once a month. We also go out soul-winning throughout the week. 

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