Sunday Morning  Adult Groups 

Cornerstone Baptist Church offers various small group Bible studies for adults of different ages. We call these groups "Sunday School classes." Each class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 am in one of the rooms at Cornerstone Baptist Church. Each class has a dedicated teacher, that desires to help and encourage you. The classes have regular activities, and times of fellowship throughout the year. Please look through the information and see which class you would like to be involved in.

Home Builders Class 

Adults 19-55 years old 

This class is for anyone 19-55 years old that is in a relationship or is married that desires to build their lives,  relationships or marriages based upon the Bible. 

Our class studies will consist of biblically-based principles that seek to shape our lives, relationships, and marriages into what the Lord desires them to be. 

We will have a time of breakfast, coffee, fellowship, and prayer before diving into God's word. We look forward to seeing you!

Class Teacher -Pastor Colin Morton,
Wife-Leah Morton

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Class Teacher -Bro. Gary Meade, Wife-Karen Meade

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Young at Heart Class

Adults 55-Plus years old 

This class is for anyone 55 years old and up. This class is a ministry designed for loving , helping, and teaching some of God's most precious and choice servants. 

The Young at heart Class takes an active role in missions, and has faithfully met their Faith promise Missions goal every year. They meet each week and have time for prayer, scripture memory, fellowship, and a biblical, doctrine-filled study from God's word. 

Class Verse: Proverbs 25:11-A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

The Meade's believe every senior is a person who is made of gold with some silver mixed in.

Bro. Gary & Wife Karen Meade have been leading this class for over 25 years, and they are doing a great job. 

Class Teacher -Pastor Emeritus Don. Mitchell, wife-Wilma Mitchell

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Pastor Mitchell's Adult

Adults 45-Plus years old 

This adult class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 am in the main church auditorium. The founding pastor, and now retired Pastor Emeritus, Don Mitchell teaches this adult class. They take time to sing an opening hymn, and then begin an in depth study of the word of God. 

Pastor Mitchell brings decades of experience, and a passion for teaching to his class each week. 

Class Teacher -Bro. Ivan Jacome 

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Young Adults Class 

Adults 19-45 years old 

This class is for any adult that is from 19-45 years old. The Young Adult class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 am. You will enjoy fellowship with other adults that are in the stage of life as you are, you will enjoy prayer time , and a lesson from God's word. The messages will build your faith, increase your knowledge, and be an encouragement and blessing to you. 

They are very active and have regular activities that include: escape rooms, going out to eat, game nights, volleyball, trips, and more.