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What is the Offside Bet? Sharing Experiences in Winning Offside Bets

When discussing betting in football, one cannot overlook a highly intriguing type of wager: the offside bet. For enthusiasts and followers of football, offside betting is not only a source of inspiration but also a gateway to exciting profit-making opportunities. So, what exactly is an offside bet, and how can one engage in it effectively? Let's delve deeper insider soccer tips into this with Wintips in this article.

Understanding the Offside Bet

The offside bet in football is a form of side bet, yet equally enticing. In this type of bet, players make predictions about the number of offside fouls committed by both teams throughout a match. This is a type of bet with high winning odds and does not require extensive analytical skills or profound evaluations.

Offside is a common situation in football. Specifically, 'off' means beyond, and 'side' refers to the position. Offside fouls occur when a player goes beyond the prescribed position on the field. Cases identified as offside include:

A player standing in the opposing team's half of the field.

Only fewer than two opposing players stand between them and the opposing team's last touchline when a player carries the ball and stands in front of it.

In online football betting, there are various forms of betting on offside situations. What's special about this type of bet is that it applies only to the official 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time or injury time.

Details of Common Offside Bet Types Nowadays

When you step into the world of football betting, offside betting is an aspect that brings much excitement and significant winning opportunities. Here are some common forms of offside-related bets:

Offside Handicap Bet

Offside handicap betting is a wagering method based on the handicap odds offered by bookmakers, depending on team lineup and performance. Players can choose to bet on either the first half or the entire match.

Offside Over/Under Bet

Over/Under is a type of bet based on the total number of offside fouls committed by both teams during a match. In this bet, players place their bets based on the total number of offside fouls by both teams. There are three options:

Over: if the total number of offside fouls is higher than the bookmaker's odds.

Under: if the total number of offside fouls is lower than the bookmaker's odds.

Draw: if the total number of offside fouls equals the bookmaker's odds.

Odd/Even Offside Bet

Odd/Even offside betting is a type of football betting where you wager on the total number of offside fouls committed by both teams, predicting whether this number will end up odd or even. Participation in this odd/even bet counts for the entire match (90 minutes) or just the first half (45 minutes). Specifically, players can choose:

Odd Bet: if they predict the total number of offside fouls by both teams will be an odd number.

Even Bet: if they predict the total number of offside fouls will be an even number.

First and Last Offside Bet

Players can bet on either the home or away team for the first or last offside foul. For this type of bet, there are some points to note:

If the match is canceled but the first offside foul has occurred, the bet for the first offside foul remains valid.

Conversely, if the match is canceled after the first offside foul, the bet for the last offside foul will not be counted.

In the event of the match being canceled before the first offside foul occurs, both bets for the first and last offside fouls will be canceled.

Finally, if no offside fouls occur throughout the 90 minutes of play, both types of bets will not be counted.

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Secrets to effectively playing Asian handicap for beginners

To succeed in Asian handicap betting, one of the popular wager types in football betting, it takes more than just luck; it requires smart strategies. Here are some tips to enhance your winning chances:

Thorough analysis before placing bets

Before engaging in Asian handicap betting, thoroughly research the performance of both teams in their recent 5 to 10 matches, paying particular attention to their head-to-head encounters. Consider the scores, which players are still playing, and any factors that could influence the match.

Utilize the Asian handicap statistical chart

This chart provides an overview of the number of handicaps each team has faced in recent matches. Based on this information, you can make more informed decisions when placing bets.

Focus on team statistics

Through statistical analysis, you will gain a clearer understanding of the form and playing trends of both teams, enabling more accurate predictions for the number of handicaps.

Evaluate secondary indices

In addition to the main indices, considering secondary indices is also crucial and can provide valuable information to help you make decisions.

Note the applicable time of the handicap

Remember that the Asian handicap only applies to the official 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time or penalty shootouts.


Asian handicap may not be the most common type of bet in the world of football betting, but it certainly brings an interesting and unique flavor. This betting tips vip app opens up a significant opportunity for you to increase your income from online betting. Hopefully, these Wintips will not only help you understand this type of bet better but also support you in increasing your winning chances in betting sessions.


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